Bangalore, or Bengaluru, the technological capital of India, is undoubtedly the most diverse land market in the country. It is the presence of a species with the greatest names in operation and construction, and therefore the entire mega-metropolis is designed with the delicacy of these and incorporated them into its grandiose face of urbanity and technological infrastructure.

The biggest names in the technology world are present in the city, and several startups, companies and corporations found their cradle in the city, which earned it the nickname "Startup Capital".

As you will see, from the garden city during pre-independence, independence and into the 1990s to Silicon Valley in India. and now Tech also as Startup Capital, of these titles they only say that they are undoubtedly the most important cities in India.

Due to the massive migration of young IT professionals across the country and with it the earth, Bangalore will continue to grow, although the opportunities and India Inc are eagerly waiting to resolve its growth. The other small towns join the megalith and continue their passage.

Many of the iconic developers such as Sobha, Brigade and Prestige and other emerging developer groups are embellishing the city with ultra-modern structures and breathtaking architecture. Projects like Assetz 63 Degree East one of the few that really stand out and add superbly to the cityscape of Bangalore.